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Small goals will make Big changes!
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Subject:Goals, baby!
Time:11:06 am
Current Mood:complacentcomplacent
Today I must accomplish:

1. Laundry (it is never ending)

2. Vaccuumn (cause it still hasn't been done)[done]

3. Clean the kitchen [done]

4. Creative writing for at least a half hour (to be accomplished after the first three items are completed to avoid the whole "I wrote all day" scenario that kicked my ass last week.) [done]

A little note: I have to get in gear. We are moving on Saturday. I need to have this place together by then. Best of luck to me.
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Subject:Goals for 1/29/05
Time:02:36 am
Current Mood:exhaustedphysically drained
1. Study for 15 minutes.

2. Use tact and be respectful when I visit my parents tonight. -
I'm going to be visiting my mom tomorrow afternoon because i was tired today. I'll be sure to move this goal to tomorrow.

3. Vacuum the living room. -
Done, and i tired to vacuum toby too. he didn't like it too much.

4. (ew) Flush dead fish and clean tank. =
Done. gross. ew. yuck.
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Subject:goals for the latter half of my day. (i slept all morning)
Time:01:38 pm
Current Mood:bouncygassy - weeeeeee!
time to get up and do something.

1. finish derricks present. ive been working on it forever.

2. wash bedsheets. ive been tracking this odd blob of chocolate that somehow has transferred itself from my hoodie to my purse to my bedsheet, not necessarily in that order.

3. clean room. this includes hanging my clothes up and organizing odd bits o' paperwork floating around the house.

4. work on newsletter - create content guidelines and future submission ideas
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Subject:Goals for 1/27/05
Time:02:41 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
1. Wash all bedclothes -
I finished this chore! It was nice sleeping under a big bunch of blankets. Very cozy about the smell of fresh sheets.

2. Clean computer desk area for 15 minutes. -
Completed this task. I think it was a good goal because it created a better workspace for my studying. Although I think I need to start studying in the living instead because the computer sitting in front of me is distracting.

3. Study for 15 minutes-
Done! I actually studied for 45 minutes, again! I think this is turning into a habit. It seems that I really enjoy math and it's a good feeling.

4. Do weight machines for 30 minutes -
I didn't do anything of a work out today and I know that tomorrow I'm going to be working about 12 hours so that will make up for it. I don't concider this done but certainly going to compensated by closing Friday night.

I feel that my goals today were well within my reach and I proved this to myself by accomplishing them. Although I didn't clean my whole desk and organize it i certainly did make a dent and when I make a new goal for next time I'll work on a different area.
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Subject:My goals for 1/27/05
Time:08:30 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
1. I would like to do two loads of laundry (Completed)

2. I need to vacuumn all carpeted surfaces.

3. I would like to stretch/do stomach toning for twenty minutes today. (Completed)

4. I would like to do creative writing for at least thirty minutes today (not associated with LJ Rabbit Hole Day)(Completed) [I acutally worked for four hours, which is why I probably won't be able to vacuumn. It will depend on whether or not Wayne takes a nap before Adam gets home.]

Okay, I will edit at the end of the day to see what I was able to accomplish.
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Subject:Goals for 1/26/05
Time:03:56 am
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
I had a few goals for myself today that I didn't write down, but I finished them so I figured I could post them here. I think having some sort of sign of progress is excellent, then again, I am an Aries!

1. Work out on weight machines for 30 minutes.
I actually walked/jogged on the treadmill for 10 then weights for 20 and then stationary bike for 10 so I think I did a good job all in all, and I'm not sore!

2. Crochet/Knit for only 15 minutes when I get home.
I have a habit of crafting for an entire evening when I really need to be getting other things completed. I've set a time limit for how long I can craft at a time. I stuck by it tonight!

3. Research TASP/THEA test so that I can go back to school.
I went online and found a lot of information about the test. I also found out that the next test will be in April. If I study for it when I'm supposed to I will be prepared!

4. Study for the TASP/THEA test for 15 minutes.
I figured if I set a time limit for 15 minutes I would be more likely to actually do it. Not only did I study for 15 minutes, I studied for 45! I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Sure I'm starting at the beginning with how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers but I remembered how much I liked math, even though it takes me a little while to understand it sometimes.

I feel quite good about myself tonight. I completed the 4 goals I had set for myself, including starting this commuity. I have some stresses about money like usual but that is something that will be changing. Especially with my new goals... the future is looking a little brighter!
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Small goals will make Big changes!
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 6 entries.